Are you a true fan of 13 Reasons Why? Trivia Quiz


How much do you know 13 Reasons Why?

This quiz, trivia will test your knowledge about 13 Reasons Why series and tell you if you are a true fan!

All you need to do is answer the questions and put your knowledge to test.

Take this 13 Reasons Why quiz and be sure to tweet @magazinezone1 with your results.

Above all, the show touches deep topics about teenage problems and the worst of it…suicide.

It is all about deep and heavy subject matter like depression, assault, and substance abuse.

Furthermore, Thirteen Reasons Why, sometimes misses the mark the message is fairly clear never give up on life!


The show has been controversial from the beginning till the end of season 3. 13 reasons why has been renewed for final season 4 from which we expect some answers!

And you know the first will be Who killed Bryce Walker?? Oh yeah, the wait has been begun.

In order to celebrate the renewal of new and final season 4, we have prepared you a quiz.

Take this trivia and find out how big a fan you are!

Did you pass the quiz, trivia of 13 Reasons Why?

What were your results, you can tell us in the comments below?

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