Beginner 5 Day Banting Meal Plan: Great Way To Lose Weight!


These Banting Diet Plans for beginners will provide you the perfect way to start the Banting diet. With these awesome banting meal plans, you can lose weight effectively. Let’s dive in.

The best thing about the Banting diet & eating low-carb Banting meals is that you’ll see weight loss results & health improvements without having to count calories or restrict the amount you eat. (That’s a yey!)

Hopefully, this Banting diet plan will give you a taste of the health & weight loss benefits you can enjoy from eating wholesome low-carb meals.

5 Day Banting meal plans for weight lose

1. Monday

  • Breakfast – 2 poached eggs with a few rashers of bacon & tomato (and avo if you’re hungry)
  • Lunch – A large salad with your favorite protein (chicken, steak, etc.) with some cottage cheese or cauliflower mash
  • Snack – Apple slices with almond butter
  • Dinner – Slow cooker pulled pork with fresh veggies such as spinach & pumpkin (contains less sugar than butternut) & finished off with a small tub of full cream Greek yogurt if you’re still hungry.

2. Tuesday

  • Breakfast – A portion of fruit followed by bacon & eggs with a slice of toast
  • Lunch – Pizza, not the unhealthy type though but this low-carb healthy Cauliflower Pizza version.
  • Snack – Can of tuna
  • Dinner – Steak (grass-fed) with some green leafy vegetables, broccoli & rice (Cauliflower Rice)

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3. Wednesday

  • Breakfast – A bowl of Banting Muesli (makes a change from having eggs everyday although you can have eggs & bacon if you prefer) followed by a cup of Bullet (Butter) Coffee that is packed with energy to keep you going for ages.
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  • Lunch – Blanched/sauteed veggies (pre-made and reheated)
  • Snack – Greek yogurt
  • Dinner – Roast chicken (or BBQ free-range chicken which you can get from Woolworths for your convenience)  with a Greek salad or Cauliflower Rice

4. Thursday

  • Breakfast – Mixed nuts & berries with coconut milk followed by a bowl of Greek yogurt
  • Lunch – BLT wrap with lettuce instead of bread wrap (unless you prefer bread, Gluten-Free Banting bread)
  • Snack – Hard-boiled eggs
  • Dinner – Grilled fish with spinach & pumpkin

5. Friday

  • Breakfast – Steak and eggs
  • Morning Snack – If you’re feeling peckish treat yourself to these Banting Muffins
  • Lunch – Cold cut meats and veggies (snack-like but filling)
  • Snack – Avocado & salmon – high in good fat that will refuel your energy reserves
  • Dinner – Grilled chicken breasts (free-range) with fresh vegetables

If you don’t change your eating habits you will not make any changes! Start your banting meal now!

Let’s be honest and real here…If you don’t change your bad eating habits (I mean eating junk food, drinking soda, etc.), you’ll never achieve the health & weight loss goals you’ve set yourself. So remember, be consistent and don’t give up!

Be careful, it’s easy to revert to your old eating habits! So don’t fall in that temptation.

Therefore, if want to learn more about banting meal plan and keto diet meal plan learn from the best Dr. Oz, watch the video below:

What do you think about this banting plan? Will you try it?


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