The 15 Best Moments from Netflix’s Lucifer


The most complete and iconic collection of best Lucifer moments so far! Let’s be honest, there’s no way I could narrow down the greatest scenes from Lucifer to only 15!

First of all, we will be discussing the favorite and most shocking on-screen happenings. Let’s get the best of Lucifer Morningstar on the table!

Let’s rewind some of the epic scenes from Lucifer which are actually worth re-watching! Bring it on!

Lucifer funny moments

  • When Chloe locked Lucifer in a car because he is too childish and his response to that was hilarious.
Lucifer best funny moments
Lucifer and Chloe season 1 episode 5
  • Lucifer meets Dan aka Detective douche in the plot and Trixie
Lucifer season 1 episode 1
  • One of the funniest and adorable scenes between Lucifer and Chloe when he gets her dress that was left in the Lux by some random girl he slept with. The girl was wearing a smile when she left.
Lucifer and Chloe flirty moment
  • When Chloe and Lucifer go into a church and she said to him to stay out of trouble
Lucifer funniest moments
Lucifer and Chloe humor
  • When Luci was under investigation and needed to make a list with everyone he has slept
Chloe jealous over Lucifer

The list goes into infinity because almost every scene with Lucifer is hilarious.

Lucifer and Chloe adorable moments

  • Lucifer and Chloe’s first kiss after pushing their feeling on the side for so long. Finally Deckerstar vibes in the air! Is Lucifer Chloe’s soulmate for real?
Lucifer and Chloe romantic moment
Lucifer and Chloe first kiss
  • When Lucifer and the Detective walked into a trap and Lucifer saved Chloe with his angel wings
Lucifer saves Chloe
Chloe dies and Lucifer saves her
  • Right after that, Lucifer revealed his true Devil form to Chloe
Shocking moment when Lucifer revealed his true form to Chloe
Lucifer reveals his true form to Chloe
  • In season 4 finale Lucifer revealed to Chloe that his true love was always her, not Eve. And Chloe in an epic scene said that she loves him. They kissed, he said goodbye and returned to reclaim the throne in Hell.
Lucifer and Chloe lovely moment
Chloe says to Lucifer that she is in love with him

When Chloe dreamed of her and Lucifer making love wildly. I laughed a lot in this scene because Chloe was acting weird to Luci throughout all episode. Cute Deckerstar moment!

Chloe’s dream that she has sex with Lucifer

Best Lucifer devil scenes

  • Lucifer transforming into his devil shape to punish others. Indeed, he is the King of Evil after all.
Lucifer Devil face
  • The guardian Devil
Lucifer devilish quote
The lord of the Hell
  • When they stole his wings and he finally finds them
Lucifer punish sinners

Lucifer and Maze

One of the adorable scenes in Lucifer is when he and his Demon Maze are in it. They can fight and argue but always be there for each other. Let’s remember some of the greatest scenes between the Devil and the Demon.

  • Maze’s urge to kill, but she has new toys (Chloe and Trixie)
Luci and Maze friendship that never ends
  • Luci and Maze fight when she thought he was going to leave her
Mazikeen and Lucifer fight
The Devil and the Demon
Lucifer plays on the piano

Lucifer cast behind the scenes

It seems like the cast of Lucifer is enjoying BTS. While filming, Tom Ellis, Lauren German, and Lesley-Ann Brandt are having fun between takes. And…cut!

Although, Tom Ellis as Lucifer is one of the best performances on the screen. It is not a secret that Lucifer is one of the most popular and trending tv show at the moment.

You can see Lucifer’s main actor celebrating on Twitter when season 5 was renewed. Imagine when they renew for season 6!

So, as a bonus, I will leave some BTS funny scenes from our favorite Lucifer cast. And bloopers included!

Therefore, did our list fulfill your expectations? What is your favorite Lucifer moment?

If we missed some interesting scenes, feel free to write to us in the comments about it!


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