Will Lucifer stay in Hell for good in Season 5?


Will Lucifer be stuck in Hell with no way out in Season 5?

Are we going to see Lucifer on Earth working with the Detective any time soon?

Spoilers from Season 4 are ahead!

Lucifer Season 4 finale, with its devastating epilog in the end, and has left the fate of Lucifer pretty much uncertain. Finally, we saw the moment we root for.

Why Did Lucifer go back to hell?

Chloe told Lucifer that she loves him, but he left her in order to go back to Hell to reclaim the throne. Lucifer did not respond back “I love you” to Chloe.

Lucifer returned to Hell to keep the Demons in place and to be the King of Hell. One of the major moments from season 4 was when he returned to Hell and sit on his throne.

But, why we didn’t see the confession from Lucifer to Chloe? The season finale of Lucifer has left things open-ended.

Are we going to see Lucifer return from hell in season 5? The definitive closure will be explained in the upcoming season.


Although, Lucifer season 5 has been confirmed and should air on Netflix this summer. The exact date is not confirmed yet!

How long will Lucifer stay in Hell in Season 5?

Lucifer might stay in Hell longer than we thought. Maybe he will be stuck in Hell without an option to return back to Earth. And eventually, after a few years, he will ask for the help of Detective Decker. And they will meet again.

What if Lucifer stays in Hell more that he thinks he is? Maybe a month in Hell is like a year on Earth and the Devil loses track of time. Will there be a time jump in Lucifer season 5 is yet to be determined.

Maybe Lucifer in season 5 will stay in Hell forever and will meet Chloe again when she dies. Then, they will be finally together.

It would be great to see how Hell looks when Lucifer is in charge and how will he implement his punishments. Maybe vacation on Earth has changed him.

How long will Lucifer stay in Hell in Season 5
Lucifer sitting on his throne in Hell

Will Lucifer return from Hell?

Lucifer might return to Hell in the very first episode of Season 5 asking help from Chloe. His return could be hard and he may avoid Chloe at the beginning of the season.

Why would Lucifer do that? Because of the discomfort that he feels for not telling he loves her back. But with his arrogance and charm, he would adapt very fast.

Therefore, maybe God will have a special mission for Lucifer in Season 5 that will require his return from Hell to the Earth. Or maybe he will return to save Chloe that could be in thrown into danger in season 5.

Alternatively, he could come back to Earth and wipe Chloe’s memory off. Chloe will not remember Lucifer at all, and eventually, she will fall in love with him again.

WIll Chloe go to Hell to find Lucifer in season 5?

Another interesting theory is that Chloe will go to Hell to ask help from Lucifer. Either for her or for some case or who knows what.

Maybe she will fall into a coma and they will meet in Hell. Chloe will ask him to return to Earth because she needs his help.

Therefore, another scenario is that she gets shot and dies and meets Lucifer in Hell. Lucifer will do everything in his power to bring her back to Trixie.

What will really happen in the Season 5 of Lucifer is yet to be seen. The trailer for season 5 is not released yet. You can revive the final moments from season 4 here.

When Lucifer was renewed for Season 5 on Netflix you can see the reaction of Tom Ellis on Twitter.

Are you excited about Lucifer Season 5? What do you think will happen with Lucifer and Chloe?

Will Lucifer stay in Hell in Season 5 more that he needs? Tell us in the comments below.


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