How to make tuna salad with lettuce: Simple and healthy recipe


Today I will reveal how to make a salad with canned tuna. Due to our hectic and fast way of living, sometimes we all want to eat something “easy.”

What does that “easy” mean? Okay, you know the answer, it means to prepare or to make something without wasting so much time on cooking. Therefore, and the aftermath when everything is over, the cleaning and washing of tons of dishes.

I know that can be exhausting sometimes, especially when you have a busy schedule and little kids.

So, if you don’t have or want to waste time in the preparation of breakfast or dinner this is a simple and easy tuna recipe that you will fall in love with instantly.

Tuna salad for weight loss?

Do you want to lose weight? This tuna salad can help you through that process. Tuna has low calories but very high in proteins which means it will keep you full for longer without the need to eat soon.

There are also many health benefits from tuna and it’s full of vitamin B12 which is needed to make DNA and also prevents the development of anemia.

Tuna salad keto recipe

This salad is prepared simple and quick. Also, there are various tuna salad ideas that you can explore and try. Just google it!

For this simple salad with lettuce we need the following ingredients:

  • Lettuce
  • Canned tuna
  • Lemon
  • Olive oil
  • Corn
  • Olives
  • Salt
  • Toasted bread
  • Parsley
  • Onion (if you wish)
Tuna salad with lettuce

Step-by-step instructions:

Step 1:

The lettuce is washed well and then chopped into small pieces. When you finish chopping the lettuce you put it into the bowl. You can also chop the olives and remove the nuts and put them in the bowl.

You can add the canned tuna and the olive oil by a wish. Add salt and other seasonings if you want.

Step 2:

If the corns are frozen you need to boil them first and after putting them into a bowl to mix with other ingredients. You can chop the onions and add them with other ingredients.

Also, parsley is added to the bowl.

Step 3:

You should squeeze the lemon and also add it into a bowl. Put the bread in the toast and then chop it. In the end, you should mix everything up. This tuna salad has very low calories so you can enjoy it without regrets!

Bon Appetit!

I hope you will like and enjoy this simple salad recipe. This is only one of the quick tuna ideas for breakfast or dinner. Also, this recipe is keto-friendly due to the composition of the ingredients.

Please find the preparation of the recipe on the video below:

Are going to try this recipe? Please share your thought with us in the comments below.


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