Which Lucifer character you are? Quiz


It’s time to find out which Lucifer character matches your personality!

Lucifer fans it’s time for you to find out which Lucifer character you are in the quiz that we prepared for you!

Are you more like Lucifer, Chloe, Maze, Linda Martin, or Amanediel?

Therefore, as you may already know Lucifer Season 5 has been postponed and will not air on Netflix in May 2020.

The reason for that is the known coronavirus or Covid-19.

But, when should we expect Season 5 to air? To be clear, there is still no official news for this.

The fans are speculating that the show will continue when the coronavirus will set up and clear for good.


So for conclusion, we can surely expect the show postponed for two months at least and maybe more.

But hey, you know what you can all do while waiting? Re-watch all episodes from Season 1 to season 4!

Tom Ellis finalizes the contract for Lucifer Season 6!

And also find out in this quiz which character from Lucifer you are most alike?

Take the Lucifer quiz trivia here!

Tell us in the comments which character did you get?

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