Lucifer is saved again! Netflix renewed Lucifer for FINAL season 6!


Lucifer has been resurrected again and extended for one more final, this time really final season. Lucifer is officially renewed for season 6 which will air on Netflix. Let’s find out the details.

So, this week has been great for Lucifans across the world. First, we find out the release date of Lucifer season 5 part 1, which will be on 21 August.

Then, today it was announced officially that Netflix will stretch Lucifer for one more final season 6. As a Lucifer and Tom Ellis fan, I could not describe the feeling. Let’s dive in and find out the latest Lucifer season 6 news!

You can see the official release of the renewal of season 6 of Lucifer on Twitter below:

Once again, Lucifer dominates with the strong fan base that the show has, and until today Lucifer has been saved two times. The first time it has right after Fox canceled the show, then fans activated and made a social movement which resulted in Netflix picking up the show.

Although, Lucifer fans have been so dedicated to keeping the show alive. Today it matters because the news about the renewal of Lucifer season 6 turns out to be official and very much true.

When is Lucifer season 6 coming out?

Lucifer season 6 will premiere probably somewhere in 2021. A statement has been made but the official date is not released yet.

First of all, we have to see what will happen with Lucifer and Chloe in season 5, how will their romance glow. You can watch the date announcement promo video below:

Season 6 has yet to be filmed, but one thing is sure. Lucifer season 5 will not be the last season. Season 6 of Lucifer is coming next year.


Did you notice the last frame of the video of Lucifer and Chloe kissing?

Lucifer and Chloe season 5
Lucifer and Chloe kissing season 5

How will those two end up together it has to be seen yet!

Tom Ellis contract for Lucifer season 6

There were some allegations that Tom Ellis will not continue as Lucifer in season 6. Also, rumor has it that Ian Somerhalder will replace Tom Ellis as Lucifer, but showrunners deny that in a twitter post.

Ian Somerhalder to replace Tom Ellis in Lucifer season 6

Tom Ellis at first had some doubts to sign or not the contract for Lucifer season 6 because he missed so much his family and he has been apart from them for many years now.

But, after many rumors that he will walk off the show, Tom agreed to sign the contract for Lucifer season 6. Now that Netflix has officially renewed Lucifer for season 6, fans can take a deep breath. Lucifer isn’t going anywhere!

So, now that we all know that Ian Somerhalder, the sexy vampire from The Vampire Diaries will not replace Tom Ellis, we can say for sure that as our favorite Devil will remain the one and only Tom Ellis.

Lucifer is saved, once again, thanks to the loyal fans across the world and will continue to live on Netflix. One more year of Lucifer Morningstar and his sexy and charming devilish things.

Netflix will not give up so easily on the best show ever, so they have their doubts for season 5 to be the last one.

What do you think about the renewal of Lucifer season 6 on Netflix? Are you looking forward to seeing Tom Ellis one more year on screen? Please tell us in the comments below.


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