Lucifer Season 5 episodes will be supersized and longer than usual!


Major news from the showrunner, IlDy Modrovich, of Lucifer which revealed a little secret for the fans. Episodes of Lucifer season 5 will be longer aka supersized than the ones from the previous seasons.

Is there a season 5 of Lucifer?

Lucifer Season 5 was renewed by Netflix on June 6th. The fifth season was initially planned to air in May 2020, but due to the coronavirus situation, the release date is postponed.

First of all, season 5 will probably be the conclusion of the series, but there are speculations that the show will be extended for one more season. You can read here if Lucifer will be back for season 6.

So, how about extending the episodes for a couple of minutes more? Lucifer season 5 episodes will be supersized and larger.

The episode count of season 5 was raised to 16, which will be divided into two batches. Every batch will have 8 episodes.

But, among the episode raise, another major surprise is announced for the fans.

How long and supersized will Lucifer season 5 episodes be?

Ildy Modrovich, the showrunner/writer for Lucifer announced to her Twitter that this season, Lucifer episodes would be longer than usual.

She is mostly sworn to secrecy but she opened her heart and give some information for the fans of Lucifer.

Therefore, she added that all episodes will be supersized and will be between 50 and 60 minutes each.

You can read the tweet below.


So IIdy confirmed that here will be more content in Lucifer season 5 which will air on Netflix (still not revealed the date).

Do you know what this means? More minutes to enjoy the show and the sexy Devil, Lucifer Morningstar.

The extension of the show will means a lot to the Lucifans, I mean, who does not like to enjoy the charm of Lucifer Morningstar?

How long are episodes of Lucifer?

The average duration time of the previous season of Lucifer episodes is among 42-55minutes. So in season 5, the running time will be longer. More Lucifer, more content, and more enjoyment.

So, we will enjoy longer in the extended, supersized episodes in Lucifer season 5, but when will the show actually be released?

IIdy did not reveal that information but the fans are expecting the show to air in a couple of mouths.

Fans are happy with the fact that the running time will be longer for 10-15 minutes. So, Lucifer season 5 episodes will be supersized and longer than the usual ones.

What do you think about the extended running time of the episodes? Tell us in the comments


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