Try to pass this “Money Heist” (La Casa de Papel) Quiz


This quiz is for Spanish hit TV series Money Heist aka La casa de Papel. Can you pass it? We dare you!

Test how well do you know the events from Money Heist aka “La casa de Papel” tv show?

The storyline is that a team of robbers, but not friends, makes their entry it to the money printing factory and manages to print money, as much as they want.

Therefore are using hostages as a shield to restrain police entry in a non-violent way.

The Tv Show has been worldwide popular since the premiere and the fans are expecting every new episode with impatience.

In addition, the robbers manage to enter the bank and be there for a couple of days. In that way buying time so they can produce more money.

After watching the first episode, for instance, you will become a fan of Money Heist aka La casa de Papel.


Money Heist quiz questions

Let see how good are you in this quiz which we prepared for Money Heist.

For now, the Spanish Tv series has three-seasons and the fourth season is coming soon.

Money Heist aka “La casa de Papel” is a fictional story. However, there are lots of elements and events within the drama that take their inspiration from real-life.

The first and second season is following gang group and their exploits as they planned and robbed the Royal Mint of Spain in an 11-day heist.

We have prepared you a quiz trivia with some tricky questions for Money Heist aka La casa de Papel.

Try to pass this trivia for Money Heist here

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