Queen of the South Season 5 will be the final season!


Queen familia, Queen of the South has released the official trailer for season 5 and announced that it will be the final season of the series!

Is Queen of the South season 5 final season?

The fifth and final season of Queen of the South premieres on April 7th on USA Network.

Queen of the South fifth and final season coming on April 7th.

So, fans of Queen of the South today you had two news. One is great because the official trailer has been released and it’s so intense. You can watch it below. But the second news is that Season 5 of Queen of the South will be the last season! Wow, that hit us hard.

For the fans, it feels like an eternity waiting for almost a year and a half to watch the show. The showrunners decide to announce when they release the official trailer for season 5 that it will be the final season of the show.

As we know so far Season 5 will have 10 episodes. The name of the episodes is known only for the first two:

  • Season 5 Episode 1: Fantasmas
  • Season 5 Episode 2: Me Llevo Manhattan

Queen of the South Season 5 Trailer (Final Season)

So the journey of Teresa Mendoza has come to an end.

[Queen of the South is returning Camila and James back for season 5?]

You can see the released teaser for Season 5 below:

Therefore, in the trailer we see Teresa running from someone in the white suit. She has flashbacks from her past which is hunting her. Maybe she is trying to run from her past? But it also seems that she is hunting someone…Who knows, maybe Camila Vargas has decided to get back. That would be an interesting plot.

In the next scene, we see Teresa and James (finally) walking in some luxurious house, and again flashback from Season 4 finale when James returns and warns her that someone is coming for her. As always, James is on time to save her Queen and protect her.


We see Pote chasing someone after Teresa gave him an order to find who is after her. Maybe is the DIA, Devon, Russians, or our favorite bitch Camila Vargas. Or maybe all of them are together in order to dethrone Teresa.

In another scene, we see Teresa with a lot of money in a bar and Pote telling her that safety is the most important. But the Queen is done playing games!

There is a chase down and a SWAT team probably chasing Teresa? The judge is telling her that he controls everything in his city. But, the Queen does not give up so easily and threatens to destroy him. All hail!

Also, Teresa orders Pote to take down Boaz, maybe he will betray her…or who knows. James warns Teresa to disappear because they are chasing her. But we don’t see who are they.

Almost at the end, we see Teresa pointing a gun to…herself?? That is some interesting plot to see. As I mention, maybe she is running from her past, and when she was weak but seems flashbacks from herself…

But Teresa does not give up. She wants to double her business or go to war. Great choice. Pote saying that Sinaloa, Miami will all blow up. And the final scene Teresa saying “end this now”. I don’t know what could that possibly mean but the trailer has been intense and exciting.

But, save the date because the Queen is coming on April 7th.

Watch Queen of the South Season 5 official trailer (Final Season):

So, are you excited for the new and final season of Queen of the South? Please tell us in the comments.

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