The 100 Season 7 Official Trailer is here!


The official trailer for Season 7 of The 100 is here!

Here’s everything we know so far about The 100 final season 7.

First, today is a pretty special day for the fans of the popular sci-fi show “The 100”.

We have a brand new tread and that’s the last ever official trailer for the hundred season 7.

Although, this is the last season and the trailers for these seasons are pretty good even if the season can disappoint at the end.

The super exciting trailer gives us more material to go on into the next season. Hopefully, we can all put together some theories.

The official trailer for the 100 season 7 is a kind of general idea that we are going to begin within this final season.

Also, the 100 released a new opening title for the final season.

When will the 100 season 7 be released?

The CW has officially announced that the final season of the 100 will air on May 20th.

There will be 16 episodes for season 7. Filming for the final season finished on March 14th.

The crew shared an emotional goodbye as the production on the show came to an end. It’s time to say goodbye to The 100.

The season 6 finale left us in questions. Will season 7 continues directly after the season 6 finale? Are we going to see time travel to The 100 throughout the Anomaly? Is Hope

going to be a villain?

Also, the final episode of the 100 season 7 will be considered for a potential spin-off series.

Therefore, the potential spin-off will be set 97 years before the events of the 100. When it all begins with the nuclear apocalypse.

Would you like to see the spin-off of the 100?

You can watch The 100 season 7 official promo trailer.

It would be the last ever trailer for the show. It’s time fo say goodbye to the 100.

What will happen in season 7?

From the trailer, we can see several clues and hint at what would happen in the upcoming season.

We will get answers about what the Anomaly is and what does to the people. Is it some portal or wormhole that is used for traveling from one to other planets. Or just time-traveling into the future or going into the past?

In the trailer, we see that is some kind of isolation madness, or whatever does that mean?

At the end of the trailer we see how the anomaly and the light cover the entire planet, but what will happen really?

Are Clarke and Bellamy going to end up together? Is Clarke going to die? From the trailer, we can see that their fate is uncertain.

Clarke wants to make peace as she does every season, and somehow that peace is ruined every time. We see Clarke leading some rebellion at the beginning of the trailer.

Also, someone saying that she is the key to win the last war mankind ever battled?

The people that pray we see later only bones left from them. Is everyone going to die at the end?

Wil Dioza be back from the anomaly? In season 6 in the end, we see her daughter Hope that comes back from the anomaly, but where is Dioza?

Finally, Dioza will return from the anomaly as we see her in the trailer for season 7. But, will she remember anything?

We see Octavia in some white room and someone Russel watching her? Does Octavia die at the end?

As we see her and Bellamy make an emotional goodbye as she says “I can’t let you die to save me”.

We see Clarke and Bellamy talking that all their people are dead… Clarke makes his emotional goodbye to her mother with the word “May we meet again”.

At the end of the trailer, Clarke says “It doesn’t end here”.

Is that the intro for the prequel called Anaconda?

Also, the promo for season 7 episode 1 of the 100 was released earlier this week. You can watch a short promo on Youtube.

Then, a few days later they also release the extended version of the promo. Watch the extended promo here.

Tell us what do you think will happen in the upcoming and final season of the 100?


The 100 final Season 7 will be released soon!


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