The Flash Season 6 Episode 17: Barry discovers Mirror Iris secret


The Flash Season 6 Episode 17, named Liberation, showed to Barry that truth can hurt.

First of all, the newest episode of The Flash has revealed some key questions, but also have left us in tons of unanswered questions.

SPOILERS COMING: The article will contain some details about The Flash Season 6 Episode 17 “Liberation”.

If you haven’t watched still the latest episode spoilers are ahead. You are warned.

First of all, how Cecile did not sense the Mirror Iris?

In the latest episode of The Flash Season 6 episode 17, Barry finally finds out that Mirror Iris is fake. It was about time.

He knows that she is not his wife. Barry shares that theory with Cecile but she is not so convinced at first…

Therefore, Barry gathers Mirror Iris, Cecile, and Nash at a meeting at STAR Labs in order to try to expose her true nature.

But, with the help of Eve, Mirror Iris reverse the situation in her favor, and Barry is revealed as the imposter.

Tom Ellis finalizes the contract for Lucifer Season 6!

Later, Cecile’s telepathic metahuman abilities turn on (somehow) and she instantly knows something is not okay.


Finally, she runs to free Barry and tells him that he is innocent and he can count on her help.

Another major question is will Barry return his super-speed back during Season 6 on the Flash?

In order to find the real Iris, Bary needs his powers and speed back. Let’s remember that Barry lost his powers, or his powers begin to fade since the death of Speed Force.

Now, more than ever, Barry needs to recover his powers especially now when he knows he is living with an imposter.

The real Iris may be in danger and he might need to save her.

Wallace the executive producer, confirmed that The Flash Season 6 will be cut to only 19 episodes instead of 22. The reason is the situation with coronavirus and due to that, the production has been shutdown.

He also mentions that at some point Barry’s powers need to come back because the show is called The Flash for a reason.

Many TV shows have shortened season this year due to coronavirus situation.

Therefore, more questions have yet to be revealed. The next episode of The Flash from Season 6 will air on 5th May.

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