Best Sensual Damon and Elena Moments in The Vampire Diaries


Let remember some of the greatest Damon and Elena moments in The Vampire Diaries.

The Vampire Diaries is the greatest thing to happen to vampire lovers. Grab some tissues, sit back, and enjoy. It’s been a wild ride. Delena Shippers here we come!

It doesn’t matter if you’re Team Damon or Team Stefan, we can all agree that The Vampire Diaries does not exactly provide a good education (dating two brothers..?!)

Damon and Elena best moments

Damon returned to Mystic Falls with the intent of bringing back Katherine, but instead, he found Elena, the same beauty with all of the good qualities he sought in love.

Their chemistry is smoking hot and they forgive each other above all else. Damon has humanity and Elena feels free when they’re together. That’s magical.

The first dance between Damon and Elena

THIS! This moment goes down as the one where Damon and Elena became Delena.

When Stefan was trying not to go, full ripper, Damon stepped in and shared a dance with Elena so she wouldn’t be alone at Miss Mystic Falls and the look shared between them was so intense we felt it in our living rooms.

Damon and Elena first dance
Damon and Elena sensual moment

The Balcony Scene

Remember when Elena Gilbert FINALLY went after Damon Salvatore on the balcony of the crappy motel they spent the night in when she and Damon road tripped to Colorado to bring Jeremy home?

Delena shipper hearts were pounding loudly during the super hot moment.

Sexy Delena moments

The hotness continued as Damon and Elena progressed from friends to a couple. Even if she was sired to him, Elena knew she loved Damon and we all knew it too.

There was just too much smoking hot chemistry between them for there to be any other reason they were together.

Elena Rescues Damon

After Damon was bitten by a werewolf, he began hallucinating.

Elena was the only one who could stop him from harming himself or others in his infected state, mostly because she was the only person he could think about while he hallucinated. She got him home, safely, and then…

Delena Dance

After breaking up with Stefan, Elena made her way to Damon. Neither of them knew about the sire bond, and once they did, Elena still didn’t care. She knew her heart belonged to Damon.

Damon, being the kind of guy who believes he’s not really worthy of that sort of devotion, had a hard time accepting the fact that she loved him despite his flaws.

Delena hot sex!

Delena sex alert

Uh…um…just…yeah. This was the first time Damon and Elena did the deed and we will never, ever forget it. It was Just. That. Hot. (Just like every other time they had sex.)

Damon Almost Dies

Elena stayed by Damon’s side, comforting him while he slowly died, eventually kissing him before Stefan stepped in with a save.

The deathbed kiss ignited the Shipper Wars anew.

Damon and Elena Rain Kiss

Damon and Elena rain kiss
Damon and Elena in The Vampire Diaries sensual rain kiss

Fans shouted and yelled and Tweeted like CRAZY for a Delena Rain Kiss.

Is Damon Salvatore your soulmate? Take this quiz and find out!

Julie Plec finally obliged and gave the fans all they’d wanted and more through a series of flashbacks where Damon filled in the blanks in Elena’s memory about the summer before he disappeared. #DelenaRainKissForever

Will there be a Vampire Diaries season 9? Are we going to see Delena again?

So what is your favorite Delena moment from the Vampire Diaries you can tell us in the comments!


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