Tom Ellis finalizes the contract for Lucifer Season 6!


Star Tom Ellis has finally “sealed the deal” aka signed the contract for Lucifer Season 6 on Netflix.

Will there be a season 6 for Lucifer?

There is a confirmation from TVline that Tom Ellis agreed to the contract for potential Lucifer Season 6.

Therefore, all Lucifer fans can relax and enjoy because Lucifer will continue to raise hell on the show.

The Season 6 news come last week from the co-showrunners Modrovic and Henderson.

Many stars from the show, have already existing deals and will carry them to the potential Season 6.

First of all, the news that Season 5 will be the last Lucifer season was reported earlier this month.

You can see the reaction of Tom Ellis itself for the renewal of season 5!

But, then Netflix planned collaboration with Warner Bros and allegedly made a deal to extend the show beyond season 5.

Lucifer aired the first three seasons on Fox and then was canceled. Due to the big popularity of the show, Netflix decides to save the show and take matters in their own hands.

Therefore, the fans started a campaign #SaveLucifer that resulted in the salvation of the show.

Tom Ellis has earned respect from the fans due to his charming and sexy acting, also because he is the Devil.

He’s been thankful to the public for loving the show and supporting him and following through all these years.

Netflix loved to have Lucifer because they like the show.

Ellis, in our interview, explained that they need to be careful, the show doesn’t need many changes and doesn’t want to ruin the show because the people love it just the way it is!

Lucifer: Will Lucifer become an angel again in Season 5?

Of course, the show had a little adjusting to made and also some restrictions but the fans continue to even love the show more.

How can you not love Lucifer? He’s charming, sexy, charismatic, funny, and don’t forget he is the Devil. I don’t mind at all…

Did Tom Ellis sign the contract for Lucifer Season 6?

Dear fans, you don’t have to worry about Lucifer. Tom Ellis has finalized the deal for Lucifer Season 6 and all we can do is wait.

You know what you can do while waiting? Re-watch the show from the beginning and catch-up with the best moments and scenes.

So, tell us in the comments what do you think about the Tom Ellis contract for Lucifer Season 6?

You can read more on TVline for Tom Ellis’s contract and season 6.


7 thoughts on “Tom Ellis finalizes the contract for Lucifer Season 6!

  1. I am beyond pleased we got season 4, then season 5, then got that extended and now this. Years
    But even if Tom didn’t sign for another season I still would of been happy. This just makes me ecstatic

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