Tv show Snowpiercer release date on Netflix, cast, plot, trailer


Everything we know so far about the new TV show series Snowpiercer, release date on Netflix, cast, plot, trailer.

The hot new show will air on Netflix very soon. Let’s reveal the details.

Snowpiercer tv show Netflix

Snowpiercer tv series will air on Netflix on May 25. The first two episodes will be released, and the one more episode will drop every week starting June 1.

Snowpiercer premieres May 17 9/8c (Sunday) on TNT.

Chance to see the world through a post-apocalyptic prism will be available from May 25 through this TNT TV series.

What we can expect in the series Snowpiercer, the release date on Netflix, cast, plot, and the trailer? Stay tuned.

Is the Snowpiercer tv series a prequel?

First of all, the Snowpiercer TV series will not be a continuation of the movie. If you didn’t know, there is a movie Snowpiercer from 2014 in which a failed globar-warming experiment turn out very bad.

It kills almost every life on earth. Few survivors are on board on the Snowpiercer, a train that travels around the world without stopping.

Although, this show kind of reminds me of CW’s The 100, maybe the same apocalyptic story but with different circumstances in a different time. Who knows how will the first season end!

Snowpiercer tv show cast

What is the Snowpiercer series about?

The story of Snowpiercer is a massive train, powered by a perpetual-motion engine, that travels on a globe-spanning track.

In the Snowpiercer series, all that’s left of the world are 1,001 cars, 3,000 souls, and 200,000 miles of track.

The official synopsis of the Snowpiercer, the plot is set seven years after the experiment. The Earth has become frozen, and the story will be centered on the remaining survivors.

The train on Snowpiercer will be moving around the globe with no chance to ever stop. Sounds interesting.

Maybe there is little connection between the movie and the tv show but things have changed. The plot will be different from the one in the movie. One thing is for sure, both, the movie and the tv show are post-apocalyptic thriller drama.

Although many fans expect to see Chris Evans from the movie, there is no insurance or confirmation that he will appear on the cast.

On the other hand, the TV series Snowpiercer, will not have much connection to the film. It will be something different and also will have a whole new plot.

The fans of the movie, expect to see some other characters, but the show will continue with a new set of passengers and a brand new plot.

What can we expect in the new binge tv series?

Will the low-class passengers make a rebellion against the first-class gentleman? Is there a chance that trains stop and leave the last survivors on earth to die in cold?

Maybe there is some sanctuary that our characters will find fur ther in the series. Or, there are some survivors that need the help of Snowpierce and will pop onboard? On May 17 on TNT, everything will become more clear.


The show stars Oscar-winner Jennifer Connelly which is a great addition to the series.

The main cast and characters in the Snowpiercer are:

  • Daveed Diggs as Layton Well – he is a prisoner who is barely surviving on the poor side of the train, on the end of the tail. He is fighting for better conditions of low-class passengers to have more rights on the train.
  • Jennifer Connelly as Melanie Cavill – is in the first class and is “the voice” of the train. She is making daily announcements in the lower-class passengers, which don’t care enough.
  • Mickey Sumner as Bess Till: – she is a part of the train security forces, something like the police. Bess is empathic and will find herself at the center of a mystery in the Snowpiercer.
  • Annalise Basso as LJ Anderson – she is poor, but not so desperate as the lower-class passengers. She has made peace with all events that have occurred, but one major twist will shake her world up.

Other characters that will appear in the Snowpiercer:

  • Sasha Frolova as Pixi Aariak
  • Alison Wright as Lilah Anderson
  • Benjamin Haigh as Fergus McConnell
  • Roberto Urbina as Avi
  • Katie McGuinness as Josie McConnell
  • Susan Park as Jinju

The official trailer for the tv show Snowpiercer was released a few days ago. You can watch it below to catch up on what will be happening in the show.

Snowpiercer tv series trailer

Imagine how long it should be the train which moves all the time and to have onboard all 3000 survivals? We found some interesting information that we want to share with you.

In Snowpierce, including the engine, there are 60 cars at 25m each, totaling 1.5km in length. How the last human race will survive in the rotating “all the time” train?

Snowpiercer tv series season 2

The show has been already renewed for season 2 in May 2019. Snowpiercer was being postponed so many times but finally has the release date.

Therefore, there is not so much information about season 2, but after the conclusion of season 1 and the reaction of the fans, we will expect the news for the renewal.

So, what do you think about the new TV series Snowpiercer, the release date is just a few days ahead?

You can see some promotional photos of Snowpiercer tv series:

Snowpiercer release date on Netflix
The Snowpiercer battle between the first class and the low-class last passengers
Jennifer Connelly to star in Snowpiercer tv show
Jennifer Connelly as Melanie Cavill in new TV show Snowpiercer
Snowpiercer cast promo photos

Tell us in the comments, are you ready to board?


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