When is season 5 of Lucifer coming on Netflix? Finally some great news!


Lucifans, we have a date, finally! Let’s find out when will season 5 of Lucifer come to Netflix!

For all the fans around the world, today is a fabulous day. Why? Today, we finally have a release date for our favorite TV show Lucifer.

Season 5 of Lucifer will come out in 2 parts. Part one will have 8 episodes then the second part will drop on Netflix, also consisting of 8 episodes.

It has been a long and marvelous ride, but unfortunately, our journey has come to an end. After a great 5 years, Lucifer will finish this year with the last season which is the season 5.

But, don’t be sad. Lucifer season 5 has yet to come so we will have time to say goodbye. Let’s find out the release date of season 5.

When will season 5 of Lucifer come to Netflix?

Dear fans, take a deep breath, we have an official statement that Lucifer season 5 part 1 will drop on August 21. Mark that date, clear the schedule and prepare for the final season of your preferred show. It’s time to say goodbye.

First of all, as a hardcore Lucifer fan, I have been waiting for the release date now for a while. I know my patience has been cracking in the last few weeks, or days but the waiting has come to an end. I know I am understood by most of the fans.

But just not yet! Then part 2 will drop soon after the release of part 1 but the release date is not announced yet!

The official announcement of season 5 has been leaked on Netflix.

when will season 5 of lucifer come to netflix
Lucifer season 5 release date on Netflix

Also, you know it’s really official when you see the announcement on Twitter. Right after the leaked date on Netflix, fans didn’t really believe in the release date, but the official Twitter account of Lucifer confirmed the rumors.

They even release some short video, preparing the fans for the final season. The favorite Devil will be back for one last ride.

Also, Lesley-Ann Brandt, confirmed and retweeted the post, sharing an emotional photo of the Lucifer cast.

Even more, like a bonus, they dropped a promo for the date announcement, starring Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro.

The irresistible Tom Ellis will be back as the Devil, and for sure he has some unfinished business on Earth. I can hear “Detective” in my ears.

You can check the promo below. Warning: It’s so juicy!

Lucifer season 5 spoilers

As much as I like to read fan theories, and some assumptions, I very much like to see some leaked videos or promo photos.

Now, you all have to agree this season is going to be more love than his charming smile as we are used seeing.

So, if you want a Lucifer season 5 spoiler you can actually see the final scene of the promo video. On the final scene, are Lucifer and Chloe being so passionate and close, kissing. Yes, kissing! You did see well.

Deckerstar looking at each other with full of love. Chloe is pinned against the wall. Chloe moaning lucifer’s name. The way Chloe cups lucifer’s face.

Maybe the romance between Lucifer and Chloe will become grow to be something even more than just a platonic love. I can’t wait to see that relationship.

What do you think about the premiere date of Lucifer season 5? Save the date, Lucifer is coming on Netflix, August 21.


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