Which Character from “13 Reasons Why” you are? Quiz


Does your personality match with some character from 13 Reasons Why?

Take the quiz and find out which character from 13 Reasons Why you are?

First of all, the story of the show is about a young high school teenager that has been a victim of betrayal and bullying which culminated with suicide.

As a result of the bullying, a young girl kills herself.

But before she killed herself she records 13 tapes and mails them to a friend two weeks after her death.

Thirteen Reasons Why is all about deep and heavy subject matter like depression, assault, and substance abuse.

The comments for the show vary from shock and sadness to intrigue and fascination.

Furthermore, Thirteen Reasons Why sometimes misses the mark the message is fairly clear never give up on life!

So, answer the questions in the quiz, and let’s find out which character from 13 Reasons Why is matching with yours?

Maybe and finally to start having respect more for each other.

It seems like the main character, Clay Jensen, has to move forward in life after losing the girl of his dreams due to suicide. Therefore the problems for Clay begin there.

Even more, how challenging that obstacle might be to overcome, he is fully capable of overcoming it. Above all, he often gets into trouble…

Are you a true fan of 13 Reasons Why? Trivia Quiz

Certainly, you have a favorite character in 13 Reasons Why and we will tell you who is he/she!

Answer the questions in the trivia and you will find the answer.

Take the quiz HERE and find with which character you match!

Which character from 13 Reasons Why did you get?

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