Will Clarke die as a hero in the 100 series finale?


There is a major possibility that one main character (Clarke) will die in the 100 series finale. Will that be Bellamy or Octavia, or our favorite hero.

As we all know, the end of The 100 is near. But, are the fans ready to say goodbye?

The 100 season 7 will be the last and final season. The release date is on Wednesday, May 20th, at 8pm ET on CW.

How will the 100 season finale hit us, what will happen and who will die, are the questions that we intend to answer below?

Is Clarke really going to die? Don’t forget that she already died once in season 6.

Okay, let start with some clues that show Clarke is the one that is chosen to die.

Clues that Clarke will die in The 100

There are many indications and clues that in the series finale Clarke will be the one who will sacrifice herself in order for others to live.

We have seen that scene so many times. Clarke, as a leader of her people, has put her life so many times in danger in the previous seasons just to save her dears.

Let do some digging from the previous season and refresh our memory. Here are some moments where Clarke was even more than a hero in the 100.

She put her life in danger and was the only one who had the courage to speak with the grounders in an attempt to make peace. Clarke was the one to meet the Commander face to face and tried to make a peace with him/her.

But, she also dared to take the Flame in order to stop ALIE in some trial, beta not tested, and not a secure protocol.

Remember in season 4 episode 13 she didn’t leave on time and did a heroic move staying on earth while her crew managed to pop on board. Clarke saved the others, represented as a hero, as always.

Clarke also took experimental night blood injections to save Emori.


The producers are always putting Clarke in some face-to-death situations, tempting her survival skills.

Clarke might and will probably die as a hero in the 100 series finale in order to save others. Following the pattern of her heroic moves in the past seasons, this time it will be for good.

The showrunners are planning mostly to satisfy the fans in the ending of tv shows, but sometimes they can ruin the worlds of our favorite characters.

Will Clarke die in the 100 series finale
There is a high chance that Clarke will die in The 100 finale

Clarke and Bellamy endgame

I want to believe that Clarke will stay alive and finally be with Bellamy. Till now, they are like some kind of platonic love.

They love each other, but somehow never end together. I’m pissed. Make Bellarke happen!

Therefore, the tables might turn around, and instead of Clarke, Bellamy dies? Oh no! Clarke will be left in such pain with no strength and purpose to continue living.

Then, in a moment of madness and mind absence, she sacrifices herself to be with Bellamy. That would be an epic finale of the 100 series. But, no way that will happen. That happened in my head a few seconds ago as a fanfiction scene. Let’s get serious now.

The series finale can hit us strong if someone of the main characters is killed off the show. I really mean it. Especially if that character is Clarke Grifin.

Although, if Lexa was alive I would definitely root for Clarke and Lexa to be an endgame. But, no, the showrunners thought that killing Lexa back in season 3 will be fun! Well, it’s not.

Will Clarke’s wanna-be-hero pattern cost her life in season 7? I hope Clarke will survive in the series finale because she deserves a better, happy, fulfilling ending.

What do you think, will Clarke die following her heroic instinct to protect everyone she loves in the 100 series finale? Tell us in the comments.

May we meet again!


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