Will Lucifer and Chloe have a baby in Lucifer Season 5?


In Lucifer Season 5 we might see Lucifer and Chloe having a baby!

Season 4 finale of Lucifer has left us in tear. Mostly because of our favorite Devil which returned to reclaim the throne in Hell.

Even after Chloe told him she loves him, Lucifer decides to go back to Hell.

Why didn’t Lucifer told Chloe he loves her back? The stunning finale of Season 4 of Lucifer left us speechless.

Lucifer Season 5 release date, news

Unfortunately, Lucifer Season 5 has been delayed and pushed back to late 2020 or beginning 2021. The reason is the well-known situation with coronavirus.

Also, Season 5 of Lucifer will be divided into two parts. The first 8 episodes will be released and then after some time another 8. Lucifer season 5 will conclude with 16 episodes in total.

So, let’s get back to Lucifer Season 5 and Lucifer and Chloe relationship and eventually having a baby!

Lucifer Season 5 theories

First of all, fans strongly believe that Lucifer and Chloe will end up together at the end. The series will conclude with them being happily in love and living happily ever after.

On the other hand, some fans believe that the fate of Lucifer and Chloe in Season 5 is not so bright.

Having in mind that it is fiction comedy/drama, maybe the ending will not be so happy as we hope.

There is a theory that Lucifer and Chloe will not be together in the end and the show will not have a happy ending. He will go to Heaven and watch over her, while she is alive on Earth.


Another theory is that Chloe will die and go on Heaven and Lucifer will be there. They will be together but in Heaven. That is a pretty creepy ending…

Does that mean that the show will have a happy ending or not?

Also, there are many theories and speculations that Lucifer and Chloe will have a baby in the upcoming Season 5.

Tom Ellis drops major clue for possible Deckerstar baby

Tom Ellis in one interview dropped a major hint. When asked if there is a possibility for Lucifer and Chloe to have a baby he said “All of these things could happen. It would be surprising if Lucifer didn’t get someone pregnant in the show “.

Also, Tom mentions that Lucifer might be ready for marriage too!

Okay, Tom, we got you. Do you know the fans can read between lines?

Some fans believe that Lucifer and Chloe will get married and have a baby.

Who would not want to see that?! Imagine the little cute Deckerstar “creature”? Smart like Detective and charming like daddy Devil?

Although this can be very optimistic, I would like to believe that it can turn out to be true.

Following the Season 4 finale, Chloe finally confesses her love for him I believe the wedding could be the next step. And then the baby.

So, what do you think about the possibility that Lucifer and Chloe have a baby in Lucifer Season 5?

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