Lucifer: Will Lucifer become an angel again in Season 5?


Lucifer Season 5 can be a major twist if Lucifer becomes an angel again!

What a cataclysmic finale of Lucifer Season 4 has been, letting the fans in lots of questions.

First of all, at the end of season 4, Chloe Decker finally confesses her love for Lucifer. In that way, the prophecy turns out to be true.

But then, Lucifer was dragged to regain his throne in Hell and leaving Chloe on earth. I mean, what the hell?!

The fan’s theories and predictions for season 4 finale were pretty ambitious, but the writers seem to always surprise!

Lucifer season 5 can turn out to be even more interesting if Lucifer becomes the good angel again.

The events in previous seasons could lead that Lucifer in the upcoming seasons might reject his devil side and embrace his angel side again.

Even the devil was an angel once? Right? Why not become an angel again for love?

Although, this theory is very optimistic the fans are loving it. Then, why Lucifer did not become an angel before Chloe Decker?

The answer is very simple. No one accepted him in his true form ever, except Chloe. Also, no one loved him as Chloe does…

At first, Chloe struggles to accept the fact that Lucifer is the Devil for real, but she can’t help the fact that she has already fallen in love with him.

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How can you not love Lucifer, even he is the Devil? I mean he’s charismatic, sexy, hot, and he has a British accent.


Therefore, imagine if Chloe’s love for Lucifer in season 5 turns him into an angel again? But, his devil side and curse just disappear or…?

Another major thing that I want to believe is true, is that if Lucifer confesses his love for someone he is really in love, the Devil curse will end and he will become an angel again and would have to go back in Heaven.

For that reason, when Chloe said he loves him he didn’t say he loves her back? Makes sense…or not?!

What if Lucifer confesses his love to Chloe in Season 5 and becomes an angel again?

But, an angel who would have to go in Heaven and stay there forever with no chance to ever again see Chloe?

Lucifer: Will Lucifer become an angel again in Season 5?
Lucifer: Will Lucifer become an angel again in Season 5?

I think Lucifer chose Hell in the first place, just because he is scared to lose Chloe if he says he loves her and would be dragged away from her.

What if Lucifer becoming an angel in season 5, would mean that Lucifer and Chloe can never be together?

For sure, he would choose to be the Devil who rules Hell and be with Chloe. I know the fans will choose that without a doubt!

What do you think, which is the better decision for Lucifer? To be an angel and never be with Chloe or to be the Devil and be with Chloe?

Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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