Can you pass the Game of Thrones “Who said it” quiz? Find out now!


Can you try passing the Game of Thrones “Who said it” quiz? Find out now!

Game of Thrones is a series that has a unique distinction of containing some of the best dialogue on television, and this dialogue is largely taken from the book series that has taken over the world.

The incredible words that were inked made for perfect television and fans of the series are able to quickly recognize some of the best lines from the series.

We have seen television shows in the past that have produced memorable lines, but there is something that is truly remarkable about what this series has been able to do since it made its debut on HBO.

With its massive cast of characters and a world steeped in 12,000 years of history, there’s an awful lot to keep track of in Game of Thrones.

GAME OF THRONES QUIZ: Which Game Of Thrones Character are you? Daenerys, Arya or Sansa Stark?

While some viewers may find this frustrating at first, it’s only a matter of time before they become obsessed with learning every character’s lineage.


Therefore, if you’ve read George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series on which the show is based, then you’ve certainly retained more than the casual viewer.

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So, we dare you to pass this Game of Thrones quiz below:

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