Is Teresa going to die in Queen of the South finale?


How will Teresa Mendoza end in Queen of the South series finale, will she die or survive? As it was shown in the very first scenes of the series she gets shot.

Queen of the South is a story that shows Teresa Mendoza’s life and how she will become the Queen. She runs a cartel and is faced with danger every minute. Will her dangerous lifestyle get her killed one day?

Does Teresa die in Queen of the South finale?

First of all, at the beginning of the series, we see Teresa (Alice Braga) with her bodyguards walking towards a big mansion. She is living the American dream running the biggest cartel in the western hemisphere.

Teresa takes a sniff of coke but suddenly, without realizing, she gets shot. She is always aware that someone is watching and hunting her.

But, the shot she gets in the intro of the series, makes us feel that Teresa’s story will eventually end like that. Or, not?

Although, is this indication that Teresa Mendoza will die in the Queen of the South series finale? We are watching her life, how he becomes Queen Pin, expansion of her business, and in the end, she will finish just like every other drug lord.

Who will die in Queen of the South Season 5?

In season 4 finale we saw Javier die in order to protect Teresa. He turned the tables in his favor and he dragged Randall with him. Randall was Lafayette’s right hand, cleaning his messes whenever it was necessary.

Toni also died in Queen of the South season 4. Teresa Mendoza falls into a coma from the explosion that killed Tony Parra.

In Queen of the South season finale, we could expect the intro to be fulfilled, Teresa to be killed and going to die at the end of the season, or the series. Depends if there will be another season. We cross our fingers.


In season 5 final moments, we see James Valdez (Peter Gadiot) returning to Queen of the South. Wounded James, comes to Teresa to warn her that someone is coming for her. Is the DEA, the Russians, or the sworn enemy Camila Vargas coming after Teresa?

Will James going to die in Queen of the South Season 5, is still a wide-open question?

Although, James Valdez (Peter Gadiot) will be back in Queen of the South season 5 as a regular cast. You can see Peter tweets, he is engaging with fans and he is Jeresa fan!

Do Teresa and James end up together?

Teresa and James must be an end game in Queen of the South. They have great chemistry and perfect for each other. Teresa is the Queen, he is her protector and lover among everything else.

If someone can save Teresa from dying, it would be James Valdez. Will Teresa die in Queen of the South finale if James is by her side to protect her? He would never allow that to happen.

Therefore, Teresa and James go way back. James helped her in the beginning when she arrived to work like a mule for Camila Vargas.

There was a spark between them which continued to rise in every season. They were together in season 3 and had some beautiful moments.

But, Teresa started to doubt the loyalty of James and he found out. James decided to go and turn himself to Devon or the DEA in order to protect her even if she suspects him. He left Teresa and Queen of the South in season 3 finale.

Which ending would you choose for the Queen of the South? Is Teresa going to die in the series finale, or you hope she will get a better ending? Will Teresa and James end together? Tell us in the comments.


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