Is your quarantine partner Klaus, Damon, or Stefan? Quiz


Play this quiz and find out your quarantine partner from The Vampire Diaries and the Originals. Is your partner Klaus Mikaelson, Damon or Stefan Salvatore?

For the fans of The Vampire Diaries and the Originals we have a surprise for you.

Although, we prepared unique quiz questions that will reveal your lockdown partner from the Vampire Diaries Universe.

Is Klaus Mikaelson your quarantine partner in this quiz?

Klaus Mikaelson from The Originals is the fearless original vampire, a werewolf, and an original hybrid. He has a raging temper and can explode in a second with his unpredictable personality.

Did you know that Klaus Mikaelson is the most loved villain on the TV screen?

Klaus has proven that even the bad boys can redeem. He has taken that path which is tough and can be painful but it was worth it.

Therefore, imagine if you have Klaus as your lockdown partner for a couple of days. Yes I know, quarantine can last for ages I wouldn’t care.

Is Klaus Mikaelson your quarantine partner in this quiz?
Is Klaus Mikaelson your quarantine partner in this quiz?

He can be pure evil and destroyer, on the other hand he cares for people he loves. I bet he will care for you if you get him as a match on the quiz!

Is Damon Salvatore your lockdown partner?

It’s corona time, everyone is locked at home and keeping a safe distance. Imagine having Damon Salvatore, from The Vampire Diaries by your side? I would not mind at all!

As a Vampire Diaries fan, I loved Damon from the beginning of the series. Even sometimes he can be stubborn and can take decisions on his hands without consulting anyone, I still see him as perfection.

He is a villain vampire (just a little) who hates his brother Stefan, but at the end of the day he would give his life to protect Stefan. Isn’t protection and safe what we all need right now?


In these hard times, we all need some Damon Salvatore in our lives. So rush to the quiz below to find out if Damon is your match.

Damon Salvatore as your quarantine partner quiz
Is Damon Salvatore your quarantine partner in this quiz

Stefan Salvatore as your quarantine lockdown partner

Stefan is one of the good and sweet vampire boys in the Vampire Diaries until Klaus forced him to become riper again. Stefan is kind and always respects the choices of the others.

He never put in danger people he loves, as Damon does. Stefan is real gold to have, but be careful not to force him to turn off his emotions. Then he becomes the beast and the rippah.

If you want Stefan as your quarantine partner you will not be wrong. It is obvious you like sweet and innocent boys who will always be there for you. So, Stefan Salvatore is one of them.

Will Stefan Salvatore be your quarantine partner in this quiz?
Stefan Salvatore as your potential quarantine partner in this quiz

So, Vampire Diaries and The Originals fans are you ready to take the quiz and find out who will be your partner during a lockdown?

Don’t forget to share the results and spread the news! Take the quiz below. Good luck!


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