Major Originals character announcing if he will be part of Legacies Season 2!


Another lead character from The Originals announcing in an interview if he will be part of Legacies Season 2!

Will Klaus Michaelson be back in Legacies Season 2?

First of all, as we all know in Legacies season 2 will be back, as a guest star, aunt Freya aka Riley Voelkel.

We are not sure if she will be staying for long, but one thing is sure. Seems like Hope will have a family reunion with his aunt.

Therefore are too many questions: will Elijah be back? Where are Elijah and Klaus, is Klaus really dead?!

One thing is sure, Elijah and Klaus are dead and they might appear only in memory as a flashback in Hope’s mind.

Fans Theories

Therefore, a fan-theory on the website Fansided is that in the fifth season of The Originals, Klaus or Elijah sacrifice themselves to save Hope.

As Klaus did not appear in the trailer for Legacies, it is speculated that he might be dead (for real).


Even more, interesting theory is that Klaus is actually alive and is traveling the world with Caroline (Candice King). Sound crazy, no?

Finally, enough with the fan theories we have some real news from the actor who plays Klaus, Joseph Morgan.

In one interview, Joseph Morgan actually reveals if his character Klaus might ever make a cameo in “Legacies.”

Will Klaus be back in the Originals? First of all, the news might not be good for some hardcore fans, or maybe yes?!

Maybe some fans will be even disappointed or maybe happy?! Let’s find out.

Joseph Morgan, major Originals character announcing if he will be back for Legacies Season 2

Watch the interview and find out will Klaus will be back in Legacies Season 2:

Would you like Klaus and Elijah to be back in Legacies Season 2? Tell us in the comments below.


13 thoughts on “Major Originals character announcing if he will be part of Legacies Season 2!

  1. Yes please bring klaus back. And Elijah it was so sad how it ended i was as well as many other fans were broken hearted! Would love to see them back

  2. Yes. It would be the greatest thing if Elijah and Auntie Becks & Freya or other Originals appeared in Legacies. It would definitely spice it up for us diehard Originals fans.

  3. I would love to see the cast of the originals the vampire diaries and legacies all together for a film it would be the best made film ever and fans like myself would be over the moon so come on let’s do this

  4. I would like to see Krause, Elijah, Rebekah, Cole, Freya come back to save Hope. “Always & Forever”; the Originals promise to each other. .

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