Queen of the South is returning Camila and James back for season 5?


Major news for Season 5 American drama series Queen of the South characters Camila and James. Will they be back?

First of all, I finished watching Queen of the South Season 4 a few days ago and OMG!

Finally, we have some great TV show in which we (fans) don’t know what will happen next. Not another Game of Thrones old age show but much better.

Seems like we all know Queen of the South has been renewed for one more Season 5! Certainly, we can’t wait for the start and some of Teresa Mendoza’s actions.

Therefore if you have not finished Season 4 there will be spoilers below, so be careful.

Seems like we have some Queen of the South news for Season 5. Season 4 finale’s last-seconds were surprising. An unexpected visitor came to Teresa and it seems like it was James Valdez.

Does James Valdez return in Queen of the South Season 5?

Therefore, James and Teresa have a history together from the beginning of the series, from day 1. He has been helping her as a mule and keeping her alive throughout the series.

Seems like James (or the actor Peter Gadiot) left the series at the end of season 3 in order to save Teresa from the CIA.

Furthermore, the actor who portrayed James, Peter Gadiot has confirmed that he will pay more attention to screenwriting and will be resting from acting.

It seems like the resting has come to an end. In season 4 last seconds we see James in a car driving towards Teresa in order to warn her that someone is “coming for her”.

Therefore, as you can see, actor Peter Gadiot, James posted this on his Instagram profile. So we can assume this as a confirmation that James will be officially back for Queen of the South season 5!

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Let’s Go – #rideordie

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Above all, we wonder who is coming for Teresa?! Is it FBI, CIA or the Russians or even the bad bitch Camila Vargas?!

Will Camila Vargas return back for Season 5?

Why did James came in this particular moment and does it have to do anything with Camila or the CIA?! Does this mean that Camila will be back to hunt, and make Teresa’s life living hell?


Even more, our favorite bad bitch Camila Vargas has disappointed us for not returning to the series even as a guest.

She has been banished from Teresa at the end of season 3 but secretly we all expected her to be back. Maybe we will see Camila again (we hope so) and probably that could be very soon.

I have found this Instagram photo of Hemky Madera (Pote) and Veronica Falcon (Camila). I think that is a hint of gathering the crew again for season 5. We will keep our fingers crossed to see Camila Vargas in Queen of the South!

Furthermore, Veronica Falcon (Camila) is working on another show but we hope we will see her back soon on the show.

Will Teresa and James end up together in Queen of the South?

So, the ending of Queen of the South has left us in questions all over our heads, but the major news, I suppose, is the comeback of James. Jeresa shippers can breathe easy now.

Although, we still don’t know how the relationship between Teresa and James will develop. Are they going to be together in Season 5?

I would like to see Teresa end up with James at the end of the series. Their relationship has been a rollercoaster through the seasons with it’s up and downs.

Also, they share some great chemistry on-screen and it would be a waste if they ruin it at the end. Are Teresa and James endgame in Queen of the South?

Probably, Camila and James will be back for Queen of the South season 5, but we will have so see the official cast list.

I guess Teresa could use both of them in some way.

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You can watch the promo for season 5 and tell us what do you think about the comeback of James?

Furthermore, tell us to do you want to see both Camila and James back for season 5 in Queen of the South, or you would pick only one?

Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to spread the news.


Queen of the South Season 5 to be released soon?


21 thoughts on “Queen of the South is returning Camila and James back for season 5?

  1. I stopped watching Queen of the South after the 4th episode of season four as I couldn’t relate to the new characters and it wasn’t the same with out James and Camilla. Now that James is confirmed coming back I’m looking forward to watching it again and am hoping to see Camilla and her daughter too.

  2. I really hope that James will be back on season 5 and stays with Teresa. Hopefully with a love story😍 james and teresa😍😍

  3. Good show, but missing the love chemistry between James and Teresa. I was really hoping that they would get together, the show is not complete without these two getting together.

  4. Please have James back in Queen of the south. I love his character and he is really awesome! I love you James! Im excited to see you back…. plssss…..

  5. Same here, I stopped watching Season for, because I want James to be back, I want James please for season 5 with Teressa

  6. i almost stopped watching queen of the south season 4 because i saw that james was’nt in it but lucky i saw that he was going to be in season 5 so i continued watching it to not get confused when season 5 is out so i badly want james to comeback and stay in season 5 and i think it’ll be sooo cool if teresa and james start having a relationship together because you can tell that maybe they both have a thing for each other just to remember their first kiss i cried because i know we were all waiting for that moment to come so if they can just be more then what they used to be than it will just be the best thing ever

  7. James showed up in the last few seconds of Series 4, giving us hope that he will be back in Season 5( hopefully shooting will resume soon) and will be around to help Teresa and be together as a couple. Can’t wait to se whats next and should have a longer episodes….please.

  8. James is and has been working with the CIA. He didn’t shoot Kelley Anne as was expected. James looks out for non one but himself. If Teresa ends up in a relationship it should be with someone like Eddie who can pull her head out her ass and get her to go straight. After all, she was “forced into this life”.

  9. I think that it’s a great show, but great needs a Camila In it, to me she is the shown. Theresa character is nothing with out James, but Camila is the show.

  10. I’m pretty sure its the CIA or the Russians coming after her…Whenn told she got their attention in New York.Oksana says “for better or worse,yes” Meaning it may not.be a good thing.
    Or James tried to leave the CIA to warn her they are coming and they tried to kill him .Or could it be the Judge?All we know is he was mourning his sons suicide.
    Either way it makes total sense since Javier has been killed off and she needs another assassin .

  11. This show unlike many others, got better and better with every season. I’ve recently began season 4 And couldn’t be more disappointed that James is not in it. While I have seen spoilers that he does surprise us all with his brief appearance in the finale telling Teresa, “their coming for you.” Im anxious for season 5 to air. Clearly James and Teresa have a very strong and loyal bond so I think all the fans are dying to see their relationship to finally blossom! This show will THRIVE with the power couple finally coming together. I love the relationship they’ve formed and couldn’t be more ready to see them finally end up together. So let’s go production, let’s bring this show to its fullest potential!!!

  12. I hope James and Teresa end up together, I hope Camilla comes back and James kills her lol after some conflict and Pote and Kelly Anne end up getting married. I also want to see el Santo come back and have his business back up and running and the whole crew ends up moving to a secret island that nobody can enter with big beautiful mansions and where all of the couples live as neighbors and start either making their own cocaine, and continue selling it through the dark web while they are the biggest suppliers ever and Teresa and everyone become untouchable, and James and Teresa have a baby at the same time as Pote and Kelly Anne do as well! Happily ever after!!!

  13. Or what if James came back just to kill off his character for good. If that was to happen I would stop watching it all together. I’m literally binge watching all the seasons over and over again. And is obsessed with James being on the show.

  14. I actually enjoyed season 2 when both Guero and James were working with Teresa and I always hoped she would find her way back to Guero. Both were each others Love. Guero and Teresa have great chemistry. Still hoping they can be together somehow since Teresa does get shot and dies.

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