Queen of the South Season 5 release date officially confirmed


When does Queen of the South season 5 start?

Finally, the long-awaited release date for the fans of Queen of the South Season 5 is here! A year ago the not-so-famous TV show leaves us with tons of questions about the future of our favorite Queen, Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga).

The production was delayed due to the complications with covid-19 on set, but the cast returned filming in late 2020.

The fans are expecting information about the release date, cast, and who will be back in Season 5. As we know, James (Peter Gadiot) is finally back and he will stay for sure the entire season 5.

Another question has remained open, where did Camila go? Will Camila Vargas return in Season 5? As we know, Javier and Tony will not return as they died at the end of Season 4. Binge the greatest moments from Season 4 while you wait for the season 5 release.

Stay tuned and bow down, the fresh news is about to hit the hardcore fans of Queen of the South concerning Season 5.

Queen of the South Season 5 release date

Queen of the South release date for Season 5 was announced when the teaser was released and it’s expected to premiere on April 2021. Yes! I couldn’t start better this month. The Queen of the South premiere date is closer than we think.

The fans were expecting the premiere of Queen of the South season 5 somewhere in the middle of 2021, June or July. But a great surprise hit us when the showrunners announce the air date.

Therefore, Teresa Mendoza will return to reign in April 2021. Save the date. As expected, Season 5 of Queen of the South will bring up the heat very soon.

Most importantly, Teresa is more than ready to take her throne and you will need to prepare for what is coming next. The new season of Queen of the South arrives this April.

Queen of the South Season 5 teaser

As we mention, the official teaser for Queen of the South Season 5 was released on March 1. In the teaser, we see Oksana, King George, Pote, James, and Teresa in intense situations. The Queen is saying “I’m done playing games” as the teaser begins. See it below:

Above all, we see Oksana and King George which are in serious trouble and stuck with some bad guys in some dark places… Sounds familiar?


We see Pote in action, moving slowly with a gun in his hand and saying to someone to watch herself Cabron.

Meanwhile, James laying on the bed and saying (probably to Teresa) to disappear??!! Jeresa alert! On the other hand, it seems like maybe he returned to warn her and protect her from the enemies which are after her and coming for her soon. Maybe Teresa will hide this season… Who knows, everything can happen.

In the end, we see the Queen in white, running from enemies and declaring that she is not taking any chances, and then she aims with a gun on someone. Pretty intense and exciting teaser. Imagine Season 5 episode 1 of Queen of the South.

Queen of the South Season 5 on Netflix?

When will Queen of the South season 5 be on Netflix? According to the official premiere date which will be in April 2021 on USA Network, we can expect Queen of the South Season 5 to be on Netflix somewhere in June or July.

To clarify, Season 4 is already on Netflix so you can revive some of the best moments of the show right before Season 5 starts.

If you don’t have Netflix (like me) you can watch Queen of the South season 5 online on various websites and platforms. I usually, watch online the entire series or download it.

Queen of the South season 5 will be also available on Netflix Australia somewhere in September. Still, it is not officially confirmed but according to previous releases, we hope so!

You can watch the Queen of the South released trailer right after Season 4 was finished and revive some moments.

Filming Season 5 (behind the scenes pictures)

In conclusion, as I bonus, we will share pictures from filming Season 5. It seems the cast is having a great time while filming the show. They are like friends and family at the same time.

On the set behind the scenes, there is blood in almost every scene. Spoiler alert! We can expect many bloody episodes as it seems.

Enjoy the photos, and don’t forget to share!

James watching over Teresa
The one and only King George
Teresa and James
Suprise. James Valdez is back on set filming Season 5
Baby Chapo is back
The crew eating together. Teresa and Pote bonding BTS
Blood on set
More blood…
Rockstar Queen BTS
The masked Queen
Jeresa is back!
Alice Braga post behind the scenes on Queen of the South set

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