Try to pass Queen of the South “Who said it” quiz? (Part 2)


Can you pass Queen of the South Who said it” quiz (Part 2)? We dare you!

For all the fans that yet don’t know Queen of the South is renewed for Season 5 with no official release date.

But, at the end of the teaser for season 5, there was “coming soon”, not next year…

So we, fans, are supposing that maybe Queen of the South will air a little bit sooner cause we can’t wait so long!

For certain, another interesting thing is that James is back and it’s probably what will be back to stay. For sure, not for 2 or 3 episodes. Jeresa shippers will be thrilled about this!

[Queen of the South news: Camila and James back for season 5?!]

Queen of the South has an addictive story of you girl Teresa Mendoza from Culiacan. She who starts off as a lowly money changer in the Mexican state of Sinaloa but rises to run a drug cartel of her very own.

Above all, the show is ambitious and different from every other show that you have watched and also captivating. 


If you watch more you can get addicted and you will not stop until you watch the whole series!

Take the quiz below and see how much you know about Queen of the South “Who said it” lines:

What was your result, did you pass the quiz? Spread the word, share and dare your friends and family to pass it!


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