Which “Legacies” Character you are? Hope, Josie, Alaric or Landon? Quiz.


Are you more Hope Mikaelson or Josie Saltzman, maybe Alaric Saltzman or even Landon Kirby?

So while Legacies is now the third series set in the same universe as The Vampire Diaries, things feel fresh in new ways with so many new faces.

Less like The Vampire Diaries or The OriginalsLegacies actually feels closer to Harry Potter or Vampire Academy. It seems like a bunch of magical teens living together under one roof at boarding school.

They get ready for all the nostalgic feels since the Salvatore mansion has been converted into the most gorgeous boarding school ever.

If high school looked like this in real life, we all would have been straight-A students easily.

With a new class of supernatural teens, get to know which character from the Legacies you are!

Take the quiz below and found out:


Who did you get, tell us in the comments below?


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