Who is your soulmate, Lucifer, Damon or Klaus? Quiz


Lucifer, The Vampire Diaries, and The Originals fans, it is time to find out your soulmate in this quiz!

First of all, we made affair questions which will provide who is your second half of the popular tv shows.

Is Lucifer Morningstar your soulmate in this quiz?

Lucifer fans, this is a chance for you! Lucifer is the Devil and he has come to earth on a vacation. It seems like his week-ends are never-ending. He likes to have fun and party all the time.

But, in the series, we all know that his real love and soulmate is detective Chloe Decker. Okay, we root for them to end together at some point in the series but somehow Lucifer gets to screw everything up.

Yes, I mean that for real. Four years we’ve been waiting for them to be together and what? He flyes and return to rule the Hell?! Because he is the Lord of the Hell and he needs to take control of the demons and blah blah.

But what about his real love Chloe? Okay, we will wait for season 5 to see how will Lucifer handle the “I Love you” from Chloe. Oops, spoiler!

Although, imagine having Lucifer as your soulmate? Now I get why Lucifer has such a strong fan base. Who would not love Lucifer? He is charming, sexy, handsome, funny, and wants to have fun all the time.

Check, please, I take it! Rush below to take the quiz and find out if Lucifer is your match!

Is Damon Salvatore your match in this quiz?

Vampire Diaries fans, now it’s your turn! Remember Damon Salvatore the sexy, evil (just a little), charming and protective vampire? How can we forget him!

Damon Salvatore’s true love is Elena Gilbert and for her, Damon is capable to do everything! I mean everything, even to sacr ifice himself in order to save her. Now I know what true love is!


Who doesn’t like to be loved like that? We all root for that kind of love. Okay, scroll below to find the quiz and start answering the questions to find out if Damon is your perfect match!

Is Klaus Mikaleson your soulmate in this quiz?

The Originals and the original vampire Klaus Mikaelson is one of a kind. He always turns the situation in his favor. If someone gets on his way it will probably finish as a “nice meal” for him.

Klaus is a ruthless and original vampire who doesn’t allow love to touch his heart. He is refusing to be loved and to love because that is his biggest vulnerability. And he doesn’t like to be weak and vulnerable.

Although, he is a powerful hybrid, and in his 1000 years of existence has let only a few people see his true self. Klaus’s true love and soulmate have been Caroline all the way, but they never ended up together.

Therefore, it is not a coincidence that we picked Lucifer, Damon, and Klaus for this quiz. We often, at the beginning of the series hate and despise these kinds of characters.

They are sociopaths, protective, charming, evil, and messy. Often have problems and are complicated. But, in the end, we fall in love with them.


Would you rather save Klaus or Elijah in this quiz?

Tom Ellis finalizes the contract for Lucifer Season 6!

So, It is time for you to find out your soulmate in this quiz that we prepared for you.

Don’t forget to share and tell us your result in the comments! Good luck!


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