Would you rather save Klaus or Elijah in this quiz?


Answer these quiz questions and we will tell you which one you will rather save, Klaus or Elijah from The Originals?

The Originals finished two years ago in an epic finale. Always and forever vow will stay forever in our hearts.

First of all, Originals was the spin-of show from the Vampire Diaries, and the Legacies is the new spin-off from the Originals.

The Originals show us how a family should stand by everyone. It shows the complicated relationship between brothers and sisters, and constantly changing from best friends to enemies.

Klaus and Elijah begin to repair their broken brother relationship from the third season in The Vampire Diaries.

Who is the best Original vampire?

There are so many debates which brother is better, stronger, and honorable. The opinion of the fans is divided. Some would rather choose Klaus over Elijah even he is a proven rampage of madness with no self-control when it comes to family.

On the other hand, we have Elijah with so many promises “I gave you my word” and others. Elijah is the most honorable Originals vampire in the Originals.

Which one is better Klaus or Elijah?

Imagine if you had to choose which one to save from dying, like in this quiz, Klaus or Elijah, who would it be?

For sure Elijah Mikaelson is the one that stands out from his vampire kind. He is always trying to get on track his brother, Klaus which doesn’t seem to care who will be hurt next.

The fans know that there is something special about Elijah and his “word”, but when it comes to family nothing matters.


Therefore, we have Klaus who doesn’t care who he will hurt in order to fulfill his goals. At the beginning of The Vampire Diaries, he was shown as the first-ever original vampire of which vampires afraid the most.

Klaus Mikaelson is the most reckless originals vampire shown in the Originals. Klaus in unpredictable, it gets mad very quickly and he can kill without a blink of the eye.

But, fans love Klaus Mikaelson just because he is like that. And it turns out that even he has a soul and heart and can be hurt.

Would you save Klaus or Elijah in this quiz?

Answer these questions about the Originals and we will reveal which one would you rather save in this quiz, Klaus or Elijah?

Take quiz here:

What was your result, tell us in the comments.


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