Would you survive in Queen of the South? Quiz


Answer the questions from this quiz to see would you survive in Queen of the South?

Queen of the South is a drama TV show in which the main story is to stay alive aka to survive.

Therefore, the story follows young girl Teresa Mendoza which falls in love with a drug dealer.

One day the phone rings and she finds out that Guerro, her boyfriend, is dead.

Then, Teresa’s instinct for survival starts immediately. First, her journey starts as a drug smuggler for the famous Vargas cartel. Her way to the top has not been easy at all.

But, with Teresa’s ambition and her choices, she slowly starts to climb on the ladder of success.

Her character is developing into the direction that one day she will become the Queen of the South.

But, in order to become “The Queen”, Teresa will need to make some difficult choices. Every choice is going to change her, step by step.

So, will she survive in Queen of the South?

Queen of the South, for now, seems much underrated but I would recommend watching the show before you judge too soon.


Queen of the South news: Camila and James back for season 5?!

Hence, compared to crime narco dramas, as the popular shows Breaking Bad, Barcos, MacGyver, Queen of the South offers the audience much more action, crime, twists, and one badass crew.

The loyal fans are waiting for Queen of the South Season 5 but due to coronavirus situation, for now, everything has been postponed.

Also, the base of fans that Queen of the South has, are the heart and soul of the show. I know many fans will agree with me on this one!

Queen of The South Quiz – Which character you are?

At least, if you still haven’t watched the show I strongly recommend you to start immediately.

You will fall in love with Teresa Mendoza, James Valdez, and Camila Vargas and the bodyguard Pote, her most loyal friend and protector.

So, take the quiz and find out if you can survive in Queen of the South?

Take the quiz here

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